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Fuji Xerox CP105B SLED Colour Laser Printer (White, 10/12ppm)

Price (including GST) $199.00

Print Quality so Vibrant, it captures everyone's attention

ENJOY VERY SPECIAL PRICE for Best Printing Quality (SLED Technology), Fast Printing Speed (10 ppm) Colour Laser Printer!!

WHITE Colour Printer SPECIAL!!

For small and growing businesses and home-office entrepreneurs who demand high quality colour printing, but may be tight on space, Fuji Xerox now has the perfect solution. A technologically superior and highly affordable printer that provides stunning, high-quality colour printouts yet fits right on your desk. This is an entry level printing solution that is loaded with advanced technology you could previously only get from large and expensive standalone high end printers.

Available in Black, Light Quartz and Pink

Award Winning S-LED Technology

Fuji Xerox has raised the benchmark for high-quality, colour printing with a range of award-winning breakthroughs in printer technology.

Learn about S-LED – a revolutionary printing technology by Fuji Xerox CLICK! HEREl

CLICK! HERE for more detail
Warranty: 1 year by Fuji Xerox

Price (including GST) $199.00


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